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The Why and the How

    You can use your personal barcodes to represent many different things in your life - from selling your bike to buying a car, from looking for work to offering a job, from looking for a date to introducing yourself as a companion, from posting a good review of a restaurant to ranting about the poor service at a store. And another important function is getting LOST items RETURNED quickly and efficiently with our tag service. The list goes on and on. Have a look at a few samples below for more ideas.
    The question you're probably asking yourself now is, "How do I get my barcode message out there? How will people see my barcode so they can scan it and access all the information that I want to reveal?" The answer may be a surprise to you because this time the answer is NOT the internet. Though the internet can be utilized, we're suggesting getting back to the basics - human power, and delivering your barcodes throughout an area relevant to your message by using LABELS. Simple but cleverly crafted barcode labels placed in strategic locations, with an interesting photo and compelling greeting will get your label all the attention it deserves.
    Barcode TAGS, on the other hand, are simply attached to any items that we sometimes lose or misplace - keys, luggage, attache cases, purses, backpacks, carrying bags, pets, etc. Chances are you may even be notified the item has been found, before you've noticed you lost it or left it behind.
  • Getting Started - as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
    GENERATE, DESIGN, AND PRINT After registering at our site, basically there's only 3 things you need to do:
    1. generate your barcode(s)
    2. add profile information
    3. design your label or tag (by design, we simply mean uploading a photo or graphic. and adding a greeting so people can get an idea about what your barcode is all about.) Photos & greetings are optional by the way, but are highly recommended. We give you an option about printing too. You can print your own labels at home (not recommended), or we'll print them for you. The pros and cons of printing your own versus "we print for you" are discussed on our site. For tag ideas (key tags, luggage tags, pet tags, medical alert tags, etc) please visit our tag website.