Here’s a bit about Mitchell – one of our great artists…

The following information was provided by Mitchell’s mother Collen, who does most of this type of communication for him. Drawing and painting has always been a very calming outlet for Mitchell. Autism makes it hard for Mitchell to interact with his peers, but his artwork was a way for him to connect with people.

His favourite things to draw are Disney and other cartoon characters, which is what he does all the time when he isn’t painting. His cartoon drawings are his and he doesn’t like to give them up often or very easily. His paintings, on the other hand, he does to sell and to give to people.

Currently Tag911 has 4 of Mitchell’s artworks transferred to our art luggage tags – Rooster, Mushroom, Bee, and Bear Crossing Road. We’d like to add more soon! They’re quite popular and you can check them out here:

To read more about Mitchell visit this link: for beautiful art luggage Tags

As a travel accessory our Tags are perfect for everyone. With 15 unique designs to choose from, and from artists of completely diverse backgrounds we’re confident you’ll find a Tag to meet your needs. More artists and more designs will be coming soon so feel free to fill in our Contact form for future updates. All the best and happy travelling!

A happy announcement !

Planet Barcodes has started a new venture called which is a modified version of our former QR Tags. In its first phase, our new larger Tags (similar size to bank cards), are offered in a more simplistic style – basically without QR codes. These Tags are designed more for luggage, backpacks, larger bags like gym bags, satchels, duffel bags, briefcases, lunch boxes, etc. Rather than a QR code, we’re starting with good old-fashioned ID cards which you fill in as you wish. This info is useful if your items become lost or misplaced. Our return to the QR version will be later this year. These tags are specially designed by indigenous, autistic, mouth & foot artists, and seniors 75+. Check them out here:

It’s time to get a bit cheeky!

That’s right – we’ll print our special QR codes right on your cheeks! Easy to scan and easy for you to get cheeky! Your unique QR, when scanned by whomever you choose to scan it, will reveal any photo and text you want, and which you can change as often as you want from any device. When a QR code is requested, we ensure that it is unique for that mask – even if you order one, 1000, or one million! Each one is unique! How do we do it? We’ve been in the QR code business for 8 years and have developed our own proprietary QR generator. You simply ACTIVATE the code on your mask at our site then upload the content you wish to share. Basically it’s your own password protected webpage!

So it’s time for you to get creative! Get your QR Mask and communicate a lot more, but a lot more quietly. And change messages as often as you wish.

Need more info? Feel free to contact Mark:

Note: Our products are not medical grade BUT they are reusable and washable. Masks without QR $10 With QR $15 Activation is FREE!

Live and in person … our new Super Canada Mask!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and whoever else is out there (in case you’ve forgotten, I’m from Planet Barcodes), I’d like to introduce our new Super Canada Mask. Why Super? Well mainly because, despite the hard times a lot of you are experiencing, it can be a wonderful feeling to pay a small tribute to your super country!

Also I might add, this particular mask that I’m wearing is optionally sporting a handy QR code. Sometimes when wearing a mask it’s a little difficult to communicate, but with a quick scan of the QR by the person I’m talking to, all the info I may want to share will be displayed on their device – including my photo of choice. And this info is changeable on the fly. It just depends on what information I want to share (and to whom).

Got it? Need more info? Feel free to contact Mark:

Oh and this model is only $11.20 ($10 + tax). Paypal or Interac e-transfers are accepted. Shipping extra.

When you’re out and about wearing a mask, you may as well be proud of it!

Likely you’ve seen our popular “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE CANADA” 11-ounce mug. We are now happy to introduce our matching mask, (but don’t forget to take it off when sipping from your mug) – even though you may not want to! This mask is a real beauty. It’s made from a machine washable cloth and comes with an adjustable nose piece. This model is only $11.20 ($10 + tax)

If you need something a bit hardier we also have the same version with two replaceable PM2.5 carbon filters for $15.68 ($14 + tax). Either way you go, you’ll be wearing one of the most attractive masks you’ll ever come across. Please note: Shipping extra.

Questions: Paypal or Interac e-transfers are accepted. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and please have a look at our mug here: Can you get any more Canadian than this? | Barcode Party

Can you get any more Canadian than this?

Our new “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE CANADA” Mug has taken Canada and the world by storm. And if you got to this page by scanning the QR code in CoffeeTime then chances are you live in North or West Vancouver! That’s good news because you can get this great mug at $16.80 ($15 + taxes REDUCED FROM $17.95) . But the big savings is in shipping! Mailing this mug to you would cost an additional $15 more, so we’d be happy to meet you and hand it over with a free smile. We live on the north shore too!

Anyway it’s your choice okay so you can either pay with Paypal or Interac e-Transfer to . Or if you prefer we will mail it to you, but please don’t forget to add the additional $15 (for a total of $31.80).

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Oh yes and check out our beautiful matching mask here: When you’re out and about wearing a mask, you may as well be proud of it! | Barcode Party


New … from Planet Barcodes ” much more than just a mug … it’s an experience”

” much more than just a mug … it’s an experience”Our new QR Mugs are completely unique. Yes it works on the principle of QR codes (every mug is printed with a unique QR) so that these mugs actually communicate. Part of the collection is here but visit Marketplace to see more: the QR code on the mug links to classic books (Anne of Green Gables for one), inspirational quotes, humorous anecdotes (99thingsthatsuck, Life is tough…), poetry, proverbs, plays (Shakespeare), and/or affirmation messages – all that change day by day. Now you can enjoy your favourite beverage with the option of stimulating your brain. Happy Scanning!