Coombs handcarman partnership

A special bulletin from markKEYmark, CSA (ChiefSpokesAlien) of Planet Barcodes. “The time is drawing near! Our partnership with Coombs Handcar Adventure Tours coming this summer 2016. And of course Living QR postcards. Get ready to “get pumpin”.


Presenting Planet Earth’s first QR Key !

A special bulletin from marKEYmark, CSA (ChiefSpokesAlien) of Planet Barcodes. “Hello Earthlings. We’ve been busy the past month preparing a new product for you that would be very useful for those who have Earth dwellings, and for those who also at times lose their keys to those dwellings. The QR KEY ! Now if you should by chance lose your keys, there’s a very good likelihood you’ll get them back. All the best for the holiday season!
This is marKEYmark signing off.


Round versus Rectangular:



mercedes tag
A special bulletin from marKEYmark, CSA (ChiefSpokesAlien) of Planet Barcodes. “ Hallo Freunde.
Some sad news from the Earth country called Canada. A new Mercedes Benz owner lost her one and only car key. The result? $400 to get a new one and a wait of 4 days as it had to be shipped from Germany. Wow! If only she had attached her car key to one of Planet Barcodes stylish QR::KeyTags. She probably would have gotten it back within hours! How about sharing this post so that those great auto manufacturers in Germany will see it? It’s time they added our QR::Tags as a Key option. Danke und Wiedersehen” This is marKEYmark signing off.